Although everyone wants great pictures of themselves playing sports, they can be very difficult to capture well. Also, as a parent, it is much tougher to enjoy the game and root for your child if you are busy trying to be a photographer as well, taking pictures of every move.

Instead, Photography for Memories can come to the game and capture those moments for you, so you can just enjoy the game. We can take pictures of just one athlete, several, or even the whole team. Professional sports photography is perfect for every sport, from baseball, football, soccer, and hockey to ultimate frisbee, cheerleading, and track. We can also photograph sports tournaments to use in promoting the next tournament and giving to participants. We can capture any sport, and will strive to capture the athlete in a way that showcases their ability and the action of the game. We can also cover non-traditional sports like watersports and motorcross. We can provide portrait packages for team members as well.

Contact us today to discuss having us as your sports photographer.